My name’s Gabriel and this is a blog I created to run my mouth. I’m a 22 year old working at Media Zoo, a creative comms agency based in Imperial Wharf, London. MZ are leading purveyors of messaging, ideas and images; showcased in everything from film, to learning, to PR and industry-leading media training.

So where do I fit in? Well luckily comms and digital are my bread and jam. Delicious jam. I’ve learnt the importance of great messaging, which should be the bedrock of a campaign irrespective of the channels used.

Before all that I studied history at the University of Nottingham, where I honed my skills in a variety of part-time roles: I was a social media marketing manager for an estate agent, a researcher and developer for a walking website, headed up the University’s official music magazine, and served as a brand ambassador for the Students’ Union.

I was also lucky enough to be taught about the world’s many ideas, structures and trends by a number of incredible academics.  I specialised in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but branched out for my dissertation, which was a multidisciplinary study of the UK’s first financial crash – the South Sea Bubble. This eclectic mix made for a informative couple of years that helped shape the professional / actual human person I am today.

I’m keen on books, film and music production, so don’t be surprised when they crop up in posts. If you fancy exploring the mixed bag that is my Soundcloud click here – there are a whole lot of covers, original tracks and reposted songs from bands I’ve played in. Have a listen to Sweet Malaise’s ‘Tunnels’ or my reimagining of Allan Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ if you fancy a flavour.

I’m also currently helping to promote a wonderful book penned by my great aunt Ursula Jones. I wish I could find more time to do so and if you fancy reading a colonial-fantasy-adventure look no further than ‘The Lost King’. It’s a blast.